It's been 17 days since I've been back in Boise and as much as I'm a fan of "Keep Boise Weird" I'm definitely amused at the weird and crazy laws that according to are still on the books. I know real estate has been booming in Boise but did you know that it is illegal to live in a dog house unless you're a dog?! What happens when the significant other is upset with you? Idaho lawmakers must have had perfect relationships when they voted that one in.

When was the last time you went fly fishing off the back of a camel? You guessed it... It's illegal to fish off the back a camel, so whatever you do, do not bring your camel to Lucky  Peak or the Snake River because you will be cited.

Last but not least, I'm all about a good steak on a rock at Barbacoa or a filet from Chandlers downtown but if you decide to participate in cannibalism there may be a problem. According to Idaho law cannibalism is illegal is necessary to survive! My question is how exactly does one determine if it's necessary. Is it necessary when your phone is dead and you're unable to call post mates? Is it necessary after Domino's stops delivering at 2am? Is it necessary when you're so hungry you can eat a human?

Keep Boise weird my friends... our lawmakers would be disappointed if we didn't. Did I mention that 17 days into my second tour of Idaho I'm loving it!!!


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