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American Idol is back and caught some news with Boise standout contestant, Logan Johnson advancing to the Hollywood rounds. Did you catch the teaser with Idol judges in Idaho?

I was just checking up on Logan to see when the actual Hollywood rounds begin and realized that we missed music royalty that landed right here in Idaho prior to the auditions. The headline read, "Greetings From Idaho, Gem of the Mountains."

The Hollywood rounds are beginning quickly and we'll hopefully find out if 21-year-old Logan Johnson will move on to the next round. I'm giving it a 👍because he's a good looking guy, great story that involves a hot topic in American (prescription drugs), and he can see. Like Luke Bryan said, "Girls are gonna go crazy!"

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Did you miss Katy Perry in Idaho for the kick-off to Idol? Why would you shoot a teaser video from our great state if our own contestant wasn't gonna go far? That's my conspiracy theory though. Perry flew in on a plane, Luke Bryan was fishing and Lionel Richie docked up as they shot this video in Cour d'Alene.

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I don't know why we didn't get the memo because I would have taken the drive to beautiful Lake CDA. I was left by boat at one of the bars on the lake one time because I was too busy riding in some girls pink speedboat. I mean wouldn't you? I was late for my club gig that night in Spokane. Just a side note.

This video showcases all the musical Icons and a local music pep band that you might have missed. My only complaint is they made us look really country but most of the state is I guess. It's still pretty cool and we can't wait for Logan to make it all the way. Good luck homie!

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