I've heard people say that those who know pain and suffering are always more willing to help because they've been there. Keanu Reeves is one of those people who has gone though a lot. His father left him when he was three years old, his best friend River Phoenix died and so did his girlfriend and daughter, as if that wasn't enough his sister struggled with leukemia. In true survivor fashion Keanu is giving back to Idaho and more specifically to Camp Rainbow Gold. According to the organization Keanu offered to auction off a 15 minute zoom call in which he will share a glass of wine, answer questions and even teach a few Karate moves. Camp Rainbow Gold's largest fundraiser, the Share Your Heart Ball had to be canceled due to the Corona virus. So how much can Keanu raise for Camp Rainbow Gold? Thus far the bidding is up to $16,000. From this Idaho resident to someone who is doing his part to help other Idaho residents... Thank You Keanu Reeves.

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