We have a baby update! It's been almost four years ago since my wife gave birth to our first child, Lennox. This has been our world and there's no doubt that his health has also turned it upside down. I think it's made us a stronger family and given us an unbreakable bond.

I knew my wife wanted at least one more but I was complete with our little Lennox. I was an only child growing up when I was younger (till my dad remarried) and I wasn't worried. "I'm pregnant!" Fast forward almost 9 months.

It's a full moon, two visits to Saint Alphonsus's labor/delivery, and just minutes away from welcoming our second child. This time she's a little girl. We can't wait! Literally though. We CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE!!! I think my wife is afraid she's gonna have like a 15-pound baby coming if we wait any longer!

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

I took off Friday morning because Paige was having contractions about three minutes apart. Her mom and dad drove down and we hustling into labor/delivery at Saint Alphonsus. We spent about an hour and everything just slowed down. Baby Luv looks great, heartbeat perfect, but she just isn't ready yet.

That took us through the weekend to today and you can guess - my wifey is ready! Make sure to follow on Instagram and Facebook for updates if anything happens.

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