For some people meeting celebrities is their number one passion at events like the Boise Music Festival. I mean if Pitbull walked up and asked for a selfie together it could be your highlight of the night right?

My highlight is meeting all of our listeners. I'm fortunate enough to have this amazing career that lets me speak to you each morning and then some. The listeners are what keeps us going each day and they're the ones that dictate how long we do radio. Basically, you're my boss!

I just want to say thank you and my high point is when I get to jump in a photo. You don't typically see me with celebrities and that's because I realized a long time ago that YOU are #1. I can go see Pitbull anytime but I may never run into you again and I don't wanna mess that up. This isn't my made up philosophy it's just who I am and everyone will tell you the same.

Here are my next few galleries that are made up of you, me and our team. Thanks for letting us take over your radio or phone each day. 💋💋


BMF 2019 Kekeluv Fan Cam 1

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