We're finishing up day two with Lucky the Dj and Mateo live from Village at Meridian. I'm at home recapping and getting prepared for day three which begins in just hours.

It's almost impossible to broadcast a show, post to social media, enter the blogosphere, take photos and interact with every person that comes to ride. Live for 175 is an emotional event and there's no relax time for me. Every minute counts.

Live For 175 - Cycle to Break The Cycle - 20
Photo by: Kekeluv

It's important that I'm paying attention to everyone that walks up or jumps on a bicycle. I never want to miss a moment that I could help meet that person who has come out for the first time. It takes so much to get a victim of abuse to talk and I need to be there for them. I'm no healer, motivational speaker, or licensed therapist. I'm just a radio personality who happens to love people. I try to take the experiences I've learned from 12 years of stories and just listen. I have a broken heart that has been mended by a wife and son. The stories I get are just intensified having a little boy with another one on the way (ahhh - you didn't get me we don't know what it is yet!)

All of that said, this is something that found me 12 years ago. A tragic abuse story of a little girl broke a piece of my heart instantly. I promised to God that I would never stop trying to stop it from happening again and would use all my resources to help.

The true heroes are the ones in all the photos that you see in every gallery I post. These people have changed my life and I'd like to share their strength with you. There's a story behind each one of these smiles.

Live for 175 - Cycle to Break the Cycle Day Two

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