From late-night to daytime, Jimmy Fallon seems to be bent on conquering the talk show circuit—even if it's just as a joke.

On Wednesday night's episode of The Tonight Show (September 21), TV host-turned-guest Kelly Ripa appeared on Fallon's show to talk about Live! With Kelly where, during their interview, the two television stars playfully toyed with the idea of teaming up for Live! With Kelly & Jimmy (or Jimmy & Kelly, as Ripa prefers).

"I'm not doing anything in the mornings," Fallon offers in the clip when the subject of Live! needing a co-host comes up. "And we have a little chemistry..."

"We do have a chemistry," Ripa, whose former co-host Michael Strahan announced his exit in April, agrees in good nature.

The former Saturday Night Live player then proposes the two play a game to evaluate their co-host chemistry for real by staging a faux talk show with Questlove—the front-man of The Tonight Show's house band, The Roots—where the two then interview him about his real-life book, Something to Food About.

The twist? All three have to sneak in a variety of pre-selected wacky words (like "chimichangas," "glockenspiel" and "Benedict Cumberbatch") while figuring out how to make the context work.

Watch Jimmy and Kelly sit down in front of a drop-down New York skyline and play co-host, below:

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