It was a nostalgic affair for Live co-host Michael Strahan on his final day at the show on May 13...whether he liked it or not.

Strahan, who announced in April that he accepted a job at ABC's Good Morning America, couldn't escape a bit of sentimentalism at the top of the broadcast, during which co-host Kelly Ripa gushed over his contributions to the show. She also joked about his departure, which has kind of been her M.O. since she got word that he was leaving (and ensuing reports said she wasn't too happy about how the news was first delivered).

"We want to remind the audience that there is a run on discounted merchandise at the kiosk," she said while holding up a coffee mug emblazoned with the show's logo. "For these collector's items!"

Strahan warned that he wasn't too keen on sappiness.

"I don't like a big thing to-do about it," he said. "Forget all this other formality; let's have fun."

His request didn't stop Ripa from delivering a champagne toast, through which she wished him good luck on his journey.

"You have given us so much joy in the mornings, from your smile to your sense of humor to your horrible French accent," she said. "We've achieved so much together, and I look forward to watching you every morning and seeing what else you achieve."

Jimmy Kimmel will be Ripa's first guest co-host in light of Strahan's exit, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Watch the full segments above, and vote for who you think should take over for Strahan as Ripa's co-host in our poll.

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