Not too long ago TMZ was all over the Kevin Hart story in which he and a friend accidentally drove off the road and ended up in the hospital. A week later the hype was over and they we're on to the next story but the story for Kevin Hart was far from over.

Kevin was recently on the Ellen show and shared something that I think we all need to hear around this time of the year and frankly all year round. Happiness for a lot of us is something that can be elusive. We frequently say... If I only had this or that, I would be so happy. Kevin is a man that has or can have anything he wants based on his financial situation but during this time he was forced to redefine happiness. He told Ellen that when he was in that hospital and didn't even have the ability to wipe his own ass it all became very clear to him. Happiness is about gratitude and more importantly about the people that we have around us. It's the people that actually bring us true happiness not the "Things"

I think this is important for us to stop and consider as we're all caught up in the gift giving / receiving frenzy. If we want to be truly happy let's make it about the quality time we spend with the people we love, not about the gifts we give or get from them.

Happy Holidays

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