If you've lived in the Treasure Valley anytime in the past three decades, the fact that the disgraced Netflix star's brother lives in Boise isn't a surprise to you at all.

Spacey's birth name is Kevin Spacey Fowler. If you do social networking in the Treasure Valley that last name might look awfully familiar. Why? Because Spacey's estranged brother, Randy B. Fowler is the man behind Rod's Limos. Fowler's been dressing up as Rod Stewart and driving limos in Boise since the early 1990s.

Fowler and his famous brother aren't exactly close.  In fact, Randy's been working on a tell all book about their abusive father for years.  The boys and their little sister were the children of a member of the American Nazi Party.  Randy experienced some pretty terrible instances of sexual, physical and mental abuse at the hands of his father. Randy would take the brunt of it in an attempt to protect his siblings from a similar fate.

Earlier this year the book didn't have a title. The working title of the book has changed several times but the one that got the most attention? "Spacey's Brother: Out of the Closet" which wasn't exactly what it seemed.  It was being considered months before Spacey's admission that he was living life as a gay man.  Fowler said it's actually a reference to a time in his childhood where he was hiding in a closet waiting to take aim at his abusive father. At the time his attorneys advised him to not release the book because Kevin would likely sue him for sharing their story.

That's all changed now that the scandal surrounding the younger Fowler brother has become one of the saddest entertainment stories of 2017.  Fowler's book is now complete and is available as an e-book under the title "A Moment in Time: Living in the Shadows." The 441 page autobiography is available through Amazon for reading on Kindle devices or through the Kindle app.

On his personal website, Fowler says he hopes his new book will help other victims of child abuse.  He wants it to share the message that it's never too late to change your life no matter how long you've kept your secret.  He wants kids to speak up to someone they trust and start looking for professional help.

Fowler's a face you've seen everywhere from wedding shows to parades in the Treasure Valley.  He's also been active granting "wishes" for Idaho's Make-a-Wish foundation.

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