Welcome to the world of K!lly !dol: introspective, reflective and unflinching.

Hailing from New Jersey Warped Tour sets and sweaty Bushwick gigs, where he previously struggled with addiction and mental health issues, K!lly !dol is an emo kid all grown up. His new single, "WANNABE!," punctuates that growth.

Premiering exclusively on PopCrush, the hypnotic opening notes of the singer's new single lead to hyperbolic declarations like "I wanna be New York City" and "I wanna be the drag to your queen," before he slides into an unwavering growl that drives the song's infectious chorus.

"The song is about the disgusting and appalling obsession to reach new heights of fame. It’s my way of poking fun at those kinds of people while also discussing my feelings of alienation that are in tandem," K!lly !dol tells PopCrush.

Listen to K!lly !dol's "WANNABE":

"WANNABE!" represents an artist finding his own footing and peeling back the layers of what it's like to have brushes with fame — such as what happened with his former band, who had a record deal. Simultaneously, the song explores the evolution of self — a short jump from the singer's English major background dissecting classic literature.

In a press release, K!lly !dol calls this solo venture "a way of revisiting, and truly processing, the tough yet transformative years that informed my young adult life."

"The idea behind it is that there is a desperation to reach new heights of fame. There is an immense feeling of validation that comes with it and it’s very rarely satisfying enough to fill someone up for the rest of their life. They always want more. I toyed with the term 'wannabe.' I tried to fold it into itself and make it self-referential," K!lly !dol continues.

K!lly !dol's "WANNABE!" is officially out Sept. 28. A new EP is on the way soon.

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