Everyone who lives in Idaho knows it's been an absolute hot spot for folks looking to relocate. It seems like every time you turn around, there's additional traffic, longer lines at Dutch Bros, and less Halloween stuff available every year at Good Will.

Believe it or not, that trend may be starting to slow down. Finally.

From 2020-2021, more people were relocating to Idaho than any other state. We're that popular. And we get it. The views are second to none. The people are extremely kind and welcoming. Most importantly, our late-night street hot dogs are the best this side of the Mississippi.

In 2022, that number has dropped a staggering 61% since 2020. Meaning, significantly less people are moving to Idaho these days as opposed to early pandemic levels.

Where new residents are coming from has stayed pretty much the same, with 1-in-3 new Idaho residents coming from California, while 1-in-10 are coming from Washington.

Does this mean we're finally going to see population levels in Idaho begin to level out? We're all about having amazing new neighbors from different places, but it can be difficult fitting everyone in at once when a sudden population influx hits.

Have you noticed things starting to slow down in your town? Does it feel like the mass relocation to Idaho is coming to a close? Give us your thoughts on Facebook.

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