In November of 2020, we here at 103.5 KISS FM embarked on a challenge. Not the kind of challenge you typically anticipate going into the holidays, but one that we all felt we could really use.  Kvell Fitness & Nutrition here in Boise is our go-to when it comes to healthy lifestyles and healthy habits and we were lucky that Brett Denton and his team decided to challenge us! Of course, this isn't something that comes easy doing alone--that's why we put together some teams!

After reviewing a whole STACK of applications, only EIGHT participants could make the cut.  We chose these eight participants based off of their ability to make the workouts downtown Boise and we read through every single story--each applicant's "why".

After 6-weeks of training, coaching, and working together, Team Mikey & Team Mateo wrapped up and survived the holidays.

We have to give a HUGE shoutout to Holli A. of Boise who stood out among ALL OF US and brought home the grand prize-- a year-long membership to Kvell Fitness & Nutrition valued at over $2,000!

Check this out-- our winner Holli:

- Engaged with her daily nutrition lesson via the app every single day

- Recorded wins & challenges on the the weekly check ins

- Showed up and worked out 19 times in 6 weeks

- Dropped 9.44% of the body fat % she started with

- Dropped over 20 inches total from her measurements

While Holli put in ALL OF THAT WORK, those results speak to the power of the training and tools that Kvell Fitness & Nutrition offers to their clients. This is why we all love Kvell so much around the radio station.

Team Mateo did defeat Team Mikey and those members deserve a shoutout!

  • Alexis C.
  • Kim G.
  • Nisha A.
  • Anna L.

If you're interested in seeing what Kvell can do for you--I can't stress this enough: reach out!  Be it weight loss, muscle building, or even just healthy habit building, Kvell is a place for everyone--where EVERYONE can thrive.

Learn more about Kvell, HERE.

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