KISSMAS. The time of year where Boiseans gather around the radio (or streams on the app) with hopes of winning some of the holidays most wanted gifts. It's pretty straight forward.

All you have to do is: listen, be the correct caller and win.

The reason KISSMAS is on its 10th, yes 10th year is because the magnitude of the KISSMAS presents. We always manage to secure and give out those "hard to find" gifts, the ones you usually stand in line, sometimes for hours praying to get the last one before they sell out.

This year one of those "hard to find items" would be the FENTY RIHANNA LINE. More specifically, the GALAXY PALETTE.


This eye-shadow palette is a limited edition, meaning once they are gone they are gone. And according a convo I had with our friends at Sephora, they are gone. But that's ok, you can still  win on 103.5 KISS FM (details on that here.)

Why is the galaxy palette in such high demand?

Elizabeth, our friend at Sephora explains.

"Because it's 14 glitter eye shadows that can be worn soft or smoky. They are a universal eye shadow." This is Rihanna's first exclusive limited edition palette.



So there you have it. This is the item you want, this is the item you need, this is the item you have to have. It doesn't really matter that it's limited edition, it doesn't matter that they are sold out in Boise. All that matters is that you can win, yes you! So huddle around the warm glow of your radio (or stream on your app) and Merry KISSMAS!

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