Calling all teachers, administrators, educators, and school faculty! How about free Krispy Kreme donuts!? Yep--it's REALLY happening. All this week!

Krispy Kreme always goes above and beyond for special occasions and the return to the school year is no different. Just announced, free donuts are up for grabs ALL THIS WEEK, that's August 10th through August 14th.

During this week, take your school badge--whether you're staff or faculty, to our local Krispy Kreme location here in the Treasure Valley which is on the corner of Eagle Road and Fairview Avenue, and you can get a free donut and cup of coffee--every single day--ALL WEEK.

It's clear that Krispy Kreme understands we're getting back into a WEIRD school year this year and they want to be there for those that are always there for our kids. By the way, if you buy a dozen of donuts, they'll give you an A+ dozen for free as well. Imagine that in the faculty room!

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