The city of Kuna will announce a significant building development that will bring multiple jobs to the city and a world-class data center that will rival any operation across the country.

Do we know who is coming to Kuna or what employer will be announced Wednesday morning? Is it Facebook? Is it the NSA? Is it Google? Is it Amazon? We do not know, only that multiple sources have told us that the project 'Peregrine' will be announced by officials in Kuna.  


Project Peregrine promises to bring a massive data center or something like it to Kuna that will require an enormous investment in infrastructure including, roads, sewers, and fiber optics. According to two independent sources familiar with the project, the new facility's rumored location is south and east of Kuna-Mora Road.  

Will a local company be responsible for building this alleged mammoth building? We hear that a firm out of Utah will be responsible for this project. Many within the city tell us they believe this project could easily double the infrastructure in Kuna and the surrounding areas. The proposed jobs are highly paid.  


If the Peregrine project is successful, the Kuna area could see more and more of these large projects. The Treasure Valley could be a preferred spot for some of these companies due to our climate and lack of severe weather. Our sources tell us that this project will pay for most additional infrastructure costs.  

Like all of Idaho, Kuna has seen rapid growth that has impacted the quality of life in that city. The question remains will operation Peregrine or whatever it will be called will help or hurt Idahoans with unregulated growth? Here is more information on the size of a Facebook Meta Data Center. What is coming to Kuna? We'll find all find out soon enough.

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