An anonymous tenant claims their landlord is trying to increase their rent because they like to "stay in" on the weekends.

On Reddit, the tenant shared an image of what appears to be a text message from their landlord, notifying them of an impending rent increase.

"Landlord wants to increase my rent one month after I just moved in if I stay home during the weekends," the tenant captioned their post.

"Every Saturday and Sunday outdoor, than no need to add $30 monthly. Every Saturday and Sunday indoor, than have to add $30 monthly," the alert from the landlord reads, appearing to suggest the tenant pay a $30 fee should they decide to stay home during the weekends.

In the comments section, Reddit users questions whether or not the landlord's request is legal.

"That doesn't seem legal. Is it on your contract?" one person asked.

"It's not legal. The audacity is ridiculous. But I have to negotiate with her instead of confronting her about the law as I do not want to burn bridges, and she might try different ways to make my life here difficult," the tenant responded.

"This is highly recommended, look into filing a complaint about this and keep records of all communications going forward," someone else suggested.

"Start looking for a better place now and keep all the messages. If they're doing this now, then it's only going to get worse ... next thing you know, you're paying extra to have someone over overnight and things like that," another Reddit user shared.

"I Googled and consulted a few property agents, and they said she can't increase my rent. But she has been pestering me non-stop and just came into my room to 'inspect' what I'm doing," the tenant replied in the comments, adding, "I'm going crazy and debating on just paying the extra [fee] if that will make her leave me alone. But I also know if I do that, she will likely keep stepping over me."

"If you have a written contract, then she legally can't change her mind and decide to charge you more," another user advised, urging the anonymous tenant to stand their ground.

"Tell her you won't pay it and intend to finish out the contract as both agreed to at the time of signing. Towards the end of your contract, start looking for another place," they added.

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