Pride in our community, pride in who we are, and pride in what makes Boise, Boise. It's something that so many across the Treasure Valley embrace and it's what makes our area so special. Within Boise alone, we're so lucky to have such a diverse group of communities, each proud of their roots, proud of being in Boise, and contributing to the culture of our town.

Being Hispanic myself, I know first had how active and vast the latino population here in the Treasure Valley is and certainly as a member of that community, I feel a sense of pride in who we are and what we bring to Boise and the surrounding cities. This is why I'm excited to see that back again in downtown Boise this August, will be Latino Fest, 2019!

We had so many events going on at 103.5 KISS FM last summer I was only able to make the festival for about an hour last year, which was then, held in the Basque Block.

This year, the festival has been moved to Cecil D. Andrus Park and it's the largest Hispanic event in Idaho!

There will be live music, performances, activities for the kids, and cuisines from all different Latin American countries! I can't wait to check it out this year.

For more, to invite friends, and RSVP, click HERE.

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