This is one of the most dangerous topics that probably go unnoticed unless a video pops up in your feed. Road rage and aggressive driving.

I witnessed it last week while heading back to work after a quick lunch. A man got stuck in the middle of the intersection due to congested traffic and the lady behind him wasn't having it. I watched this person lay on the horn, yell at him out the window with some pretty profound language and some choice hand signals. Was ANY of that necessary?

What would have happened if that guy got out of his truck and lost it? Why do we feel like we're invincible behind the wheel of a car? Is that because we can just lay on the pedal and speed off? What if they come chasing you? So many scenarios could leave you and others in a very desperate situation.

The Idaho Transportation Department and law enforcement are cracking down on aggressive driving as we roll into the hottest month of Summer. More than 50 law enforcement agencies added officers and support to address aggressive driving.

94% of accidents occur when we don't pay attention, speed, tailgate and fail to follow the typical traffic guidelines. That makes sense though right? You try to squeeze in somewhere and the person next to you speeds up not letting you enter and crash. In a perfect life, we wouldn't have accidents but that's not the case.

Be careful because that person you're cutting off might not just sit back. I just asked Kat Fisher (my aggressive co-host) said she lets loose on a fool trying to cop her parking spot!


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