When it comes to basketball, most think east coast. Toss in southern California like UCLA or USC and maybe the west coast can get a little credit. Idaho, on the other hand? Nobody associates Idaho or really, the Pacific Northwest  with basketball at all.

Under 30 minutes from the Idaho boarder, however, is one of the biggest basketball programs in the nation. Few can tell you WHERE the program is and only real fans can pronounce the place.

Yes, "Few" was a pun.

We're talking about Gonzaga University--who is ranked the #1 team going into this coming college basketball season for the third time in three years. They aren't a cinderella story or the "little guy" anymore-- Gonzaga, just minutes from Idaho, has evolved into one of the most elite basketball programs in the nation that consistently lands top recruits and produces NBA stars.

What is a program in a small Eastern Washington town to do when it comes to the "big stage"? Well, none of the so called blue bloods want to deal with pesky Gonzaga until they have to and this year, that's changing.

Perhaps you have heard of the Kentucky Wildcats? A college basketball powerhouse for decades led by John Calipari?  Well, Calipari and his team will be real close to us this coming November as they've announce they're finally coming to the Pacific Northwest to take on a team that most of the nation is afraid of.

Seats at McCarthy Athletic Center at Gonzaga have been sold out--and are sold out--for the foreseeable decades so unless you know someone, you probably aren't going to get into the game. This of course, doesn't mean that the Kentucky Wildcats won't take a pitstop in Boise on their way to Spokane.

Why would they? We've got a weakness of Calipari's here in Boise: DK Donuts.

Back in 2018 when the Wildcats were in Boise for March Madness, he fell in love with DK-- from the bacon topped donut to the apple fritter--you can reminisce on this basketballs legendary time in Boise, HERE.


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