Live in Ada County? Trained in CPR? A new app here in the Treasure Valley has first responders seeking your willingness and help!

Ada County officials are encouraging everyone download a new app called Pulse Point. It's free and is available for both iPhone and Android. The app will send you notifications if someone nearby needs life saving help.

It's pretty crazy how small of a world this app is about to make things in terms of first-responding and emergencies.  If someone needs CPR faster than fire and paramedic crews can get on scene and your location is nearby, you could be called upon to help save that persons life.

While it definitely sounds like a daunting task, those willing are encouraged to turn on notifications if being CPR certified applies. Just last winter at the Canyon County Kids Expo, I watched one of our part-time street teamers spring into action and help a choking kid because of his lifeguard certification.

Officials are hoping that at least 25,000 people will get Pulse Point downloaded to their phones.

To learn more, click HERE.

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