One of the biggest arguments I have had with friends came from this issue.What is better: cake or pie? Well, hands down we all know that pie is the clear and obvious winner. I have never been a cake person. Everything about cake is "vanilla" -- even the chocolate cakes. Cake is the equivalent of stepping on legos -- its painful and as much as you like/want to avoid it is somehow manages to come back into your life and mess with you.

In my future all I ever want to see is pie in front of me. My birthday, my wedding, my funeral. No cakes ever. I will say it loud and proud, I AM A PIE GUY. I mean just look at how beautiful these things are.

Plus, Thanksgiving would not be the same WITHOUT one of the best pies ever: Pumpkin Pie. Boom, there you have it.

And even if didn't get the meme, fortunately the good people at Buzzfeed decided to settle this dispute.

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