Scoot, scoot, scoot out of the way Lime! A program welcomed into Meridian last Thursday has already been shut down by city officials for safety concerns.

When I was in Meridian over the weekend, I saw several of these scooters zipping around town and I think they look pretty awesome. The good news is, the ban on Lime Scooters is only temporary--the city wants to iron some things out.

Several complaints have been flooding city officials since the Thursday launch of these scooters, which include the fact that they're blocking sidewalks, people aren't wearing helmets, or that underage kids are zipping around on them--all of which are deemed unsafe practices.

These scooters aren't allowed in the City of Boise just yet and somehow, several were found within Boise city limits. Local lime employees were sent out to gather those, as each scooter is GPS tracked. In fact--one was even sold on eBay.

To read more about the issues Meridian and Lime are working on together, click HERE.

Hopefully, we'll all be happily scooting again soon!

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