This isn't a (fire) drill!  See what I did there?

If you have ever dreamt of living in a tree house, or maybe a fire lookout--there's one for sale right here in Idaho.

Something tells me this won't be for sale long.  With the way that alternative housing trends are becoming in-style, I can totally see someone buying this fire tower and making it into some awesome living quarters.  It could also make a great vacation or weekend home!!

Located just south of the northern Idaho vacation town of Coeur d'Alene, the fire lookout is standing in Fernwood, Idaho.  It's surrounded completely by nature and endless adventures.  The tower sits on 12.8 acres of land and stands at 20 feet tall.

According to its real estate listing, the tower was built in 1959 and moved to its current location in the late 1980's.  Also on the property for your convenience is a log storage shed and (drum-roll please) a little log outhouse for when nature calls.

This place looks awesome and its asking price is $67,000.  If you've got the cash to spend or really want to runaway and live in a secluded area, this is your spot!

IF I had $67,000 to spend, I would totally buy this, fix it up, and turn it into an Airbnb--you could make a really popular get away for locals and tourists that way!

To see the complete listing and for more information on this little slice of paradise, click HERE.  Check out the pictures of the stunning view, too!

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