When I graduated from Bishop Kelly High School here in Boise 5 years ago, I thought I had it all figured out.  Knew I was going to college, knew I was going to "chase" radio...but so much changed between the first week of May and the middle of the summer. I was a committed athlete with The College of Idaho's Track and Field team who then transferred over the Boise State University, who then just 3 weeks later transferred over to Gonzaga University.  All within the span of a month--my mind changed that many times before I'd ever even taken my first college course.

That said, everything worked out and I graduated from Gonzaga degree in hand.  There's some kids in the Treasure Valley who I tip my hat to for committing and chasing their own respective dreams, though.  CONGRATS to all grads moving on to college!! However to you who are moving on to play a sport, I send you my congrats and best wishes!  Sports are hard work. College isn't easy.  You're attempting to do both and I admire that. I watched friends in college who played sports work harder than anyone balancing such daunting tasks and I KNOW all of you will kill it!

Of course, my blood flows Black & Gold and Blue & White due to my Bishop Kelly/Gonzaga educations.  Therefore, HUGE shoutouts to you 21 "AlumnKnights" moving on to play at the collegiate level as well as to the 2 of you on your way up to Spokane to be Zags!

For the complete list of Treasure Valley athlete commitments, click HERE.

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