All the craze these days seems to be escape rooms and there have been a lot popping up all over Boise. In fact, one of my best friends actually BUILDS these things in Seattle and it's a lucrative business to say the least.

I'm a really introverted person once you get to know me, so imagining myself doing one of these escape rooms was difficult: until I did one. Over the weekend, some friends and I had some free time so we decided to get drinks downtown for Cinco De Mayo. I have no idea how escape rooms became a topic of discussion, but someone suggested we do one...THAT day. So, we did. I was pleasantly surprised.

We found an available room over at Escape Room Boise--across from the Walmart on Overland. We were greeted by a super friendly staff eager to lock us in this room filled with puzzles that we had 60 minutes to solve. The puzzles were difficult, some far more than others. In fact, we were so stuck on one, I began trying random combinations on a padlock...and actually solved it-- so you could say we really lucked out in some aspects. Two of my friends have been dating for some time, so watching their dynamic was beyond entertaining. It's funny seeing all of the different traits of your friends really become exaggerated in a situation where everyone wants to different fashions. I can completely understand why these are used for team building.

The premise of our escape room was to restore power to a town and save the day. Let me tell you...we were the reason said town didn't live to see another day. Three more minutes and we probably would have solved the puzzle.

I'd highly suggest your and your friends check out an escape room, too. There are three businesses that offer Escape Rooms here in Boise: Escape This Live Boise, Boise Escape and Escape Room Boise.

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