Sometimes, it’s tough getting through a hard week especially when you aren’t recognized for it. Boise’s one of the best places in the world to live and a lot of it is due to how nice everyone is no matter where you are in the city. Boise spreads kindness like no other which is why a local college student wanted to recognize that!

Kate is a student at Boise State but she also is recognized as Miss Nevada. She recognized all of the kindness being spread around Boise and wanted to highlight that through an Instagram profile called Crowning Kindness. Crowning Kindness is all about giving the kindest people recognition and valuing people’s hearts and brains more than anything else. According to her, everyone gets to wear the crown of kindness!

Crowning Kindness

Spreading Kindness in Boise

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

The Instagram profile is just getting started and highlights all those in Boise who would do anything to give a helping hand. It also provides for anyone who just needs a little bit of motivation to make their day. Follow along with the Instagram on Sundays for Sunday Smiles where you can receive some words of inspiration at the start of the new week and Motivational Monday for famous quotes that are perfect to get you through a hard day's work. The Fun Friday posts highlight Boise events that are good for anyone who wants to get involved. From helping nonprofits to community service activities everyone can reach out and lend a helping hand!

You can follow along and help spread kindness in Boise by following the Instagram @crowning_kindness.

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