A local law firm right here in Boise is ready to help DACA recipients also known as "Dreamers" for free.  The policy, instituted by former President of the United States Barack Obama, allows for select minors who entered the United States illegally to have a 2-year time frame (which is renewable) of deferred action from deportation. This also allows them to obtain a work permit.

Nationwide, over 800,000 people make up the DACA program and thousands live right here in Idaho. The decision made my Donald Trump to end this program has proven to be unpopular among democrats and many republicans, alike.

Schaefer Law Firm and Concordia University School of Law in Boise are teaming up to help any dreamer with the application and renewal process, for free. The deadline is coming up quick for the process, as it is set for October 5th (that's next Thursday). This deadline is for Dreamers that have benefits set to expire between September 5th and March 5th.

If you need help or know anyone that does, send them HERE.

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