I'm a lover of cats and sometimes that is all I will talk about. I wore a cat shirt today, I went home for lunch to say hi to mine...it's a problem. Not really, but you get the point.

Just today in the office our Production Director, Mark, asked if I knew any cat lovers looking for a kitten.  He became aware of an adorable white kitten that was going to be euthanized if a temporary foster parent or forever home couldn't be found by the end of the day.  Nearly everyone in the office was trying to help find the poor thing a home--and yes, by the end of the day we found one.

Euthanizing little kittens, for me anyway, is one of the most difficult things to think about! I think of how happy adopting my kitten and now 3 year old cat, Piccolo, has made me over the years and can't imagine life without her.

Well, a local cat shelter committed to not allowing euthanasia in their building is growing and this is exciting news. According to Channel 2 news, the shelters cat population has grown 30% from this time last year. The shelter, Simply Cats, takes them all-- cats that have been surrendered by owners who can't keep them and stray kittens alike.

On top of being a "no kill" facility, Simply Cats doesn't cage these little creatures up--they live in "apartments", or, spacious rooms with cat towers and more. Freedom to roam is emphasized here with a patio for those curious to check out the outdoors!

Just recently, Mountain America Credit Union awarded a "Pay It Forward" donation to the shelter to help continue its operation.

To learn more about Simply Cats or to seek adoption details, click HERE.

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