Have you ever wondered what happens to all the animals after natural disasters devastate a community? My family survived Hurricane Harvey and we were so very lucky. A few aunts and uncles lost homes, but faith keeps them hopeful. That said, animals are a different story. What happens to the dogs and cats when the owners have to flee for their lives?

I came across this story from our digital director who will be meeting a plane load of animals that have been rescued from this tragic hurricane. Dog is My Copilot is partnering with San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA!) to transport animals affected by Hurricane Harvey to shelters that give these little friends a chance to live.

"Boise has a reputation for being one of the most amazing animals communities. We thought this was a perfect fit." - Kara Pollard (Executive Director for Dog is My Copilot)

Today around 4 p.m. there will be a plane of about 54 dogs and cats that will be housed at the Idaho Humane Society. This amazing organization took in over 12,000 animals last year and is open arms to help out these furry friends.

Every animal we transport saves two; the one that we ave and the one that takes it's place. - Peter Rork, President and Chief Pilot of DIMC

Are you looking for a dog or cat to rescue? I saw a paw sticker yesterday and it read, "who saved who?" Animals never judge us and will loyally wait till we get home every day. Pets create memories, protect us and make us happy. Planes should be arriving shortly at the Boise Airport and ready for you to Adopt! Expect The Humane Society to post new photos/bios by the weekend. Dog is My Copilot accepts donations to assist in their rescue of over 2,500 pets and flights around the country. You can donate HERE. That is one worthy donation!

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