This is SUCH a Boise thing to do...and I mean that in the best way possible because our community is so cool.  Most thrift shops, as you may or may not know, benefit a non-profit organization or charity. Typically, the charity is what runs the shop.

New to Boise, however, is Thriftology--a thrift shop that lets YOU decide where your proceeds will go to. It's a concept I've never seen before and I absolutely love it. The shop opened up in November and has been seeing great results.

When you check out at Thirftology, there's a ballot box with ballots listing one international, one national, and one local charity. You, the buyer, decide which you would like to see the 100 percent of the shops profits that month. Of course, Thriftology chooses charities that are 501 (c) (3) nonprofit certified before listing them on the ballot.

The complete story from the Boise Weekly on Thriftology is HERE.

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