You might recall me telling you about this newer thrift shop in the Treasure Valley that was practicing, as I worded it, "the most Boise thing ever" back in January.  Thriftology, a locally owned and operated thrift shop is STILL doing just that and if you haven't had the chance to check them out just yet-- you're really missing out.

As you may be familiar with now, the entire premise of Thriftology (beyond getting great second-hand finds to you) is allowing YOU, the customer, to decide which charity will be receiving proceeds from the shop each month. While more thrift stores operate for ONE cause, owner Cassandra Barrington felt the need to throw in a little twist and give the customers what they want-- literally.

Each month, the charities up for voting change-- one international, one national, and one local organization are placed up front and when you make a purchase YOU decide who to vote for. The winner at the end of the month receives proceeds. Don't worry, there's always info on what each charity does--go shop and vote for one that shares some of your interests and passions!

I recently talked to Cassandra about how things are going and found out the road construction in front of their shop has been a REAL inconvenience to her regulars. SO, the shop is rewarding those who come out despite the crumby roads.

Have you ever wanted to thrift shop Macklemore style? Well, what if I told you that you could do so with even MORE glam than Macklemore himself? Yeah...that's what Thriftology has put together.

Drop By Thriftology and simply drop your name into their drawing to win a LIMO TOUR for you and your 7 favorite thrifting buddies! This classy limo will take you on a tour to all of Boise's best thrift out, Macklemore!

Drop by Thriftology for more information...the shop is located at 555 Orchard Street in Boise, Idaho.

Click HERE for more on Thriftology and their super cool contest!

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