When it comes to some of the greatest places in Idaho, who would we be to pronounce these remarkable towns incorrectly?

Is saying "Kuna" correctly, REALLY that hard? We don't think it is...but a greater conversation arose from one tweet that made it's way around Boise..

Several Idaho folks chimed in, including Boise City Council member Holli Woodings:

How do you say all of these??

Are You Idaho Enough to Correctly Pronounce These 10 Places?

New to Idaho? Welcome...but, good luck friends! Only the REAL ones will be able to pronounce these tricky Idaho streets, towns, and terms.

Sure, flocks of people are moving to the Treasure Valley and the greater Gem State-- but do they really "stick out like a sore thumb" if their license plates get switched over? Most people can tell if you aren't an Idaho local just by the way you pronounce these special Idaho places.

Do you agree that these STREETS are impossible for Californians? 

California Transplants Can't Pronounce These Six Boise Streets

These six street names have Boise newcomers confused! Can you pronounce them correctly?

A Former Californian's Advice to Californians Moving to Idaho

"Philo," a user on Bestplaces.net moved to Boise from Fresno in 2014. Like other California transplants, navigating the waters of moving to the Gem State from California has been tricky at times. He offered these tips to others in that situation to make things a little easier.

6 Reasons People Abandoned Idaho and Moved Somewhere Else in 2021

United Van Lines recently released the results of their Annual National Movers Study. When tracking inbound and outbound movement from state-to-state, they also asked what factors cause people to relocate. These were the answers from Idaho ranked top to bottom.



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