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This kid is killing it on American Idol and just advanced to the Top 40. Say hello to Logan Johnson from Boise, Idaho

We've had the pleasure of seeing others from the Treasure Valley like Maddie Zahm (who has a new single coming out soon!) and now we're watching a star take center stage. American Idol hosted the top 40 in Hawaii Sunday night and Logan crushed it with a Spanglish version of Sorry by Justin Bieber.

I'm not A&R representative that looks for the next talented artists but it is a skill that I have groomed over the years. I know a star when I see one and Logan is a ⭐️

I've sent several messages to management from his first audition that he would make a great opener for Boise Music Festival. This guy is getting so popular that it might be too late because I don't see him getting eliminated any time soon.

Pay close attention to a few comments made in that video because they were awesome if you're from Boise.

  1. Katy Perry says, "He's from Boise, Idaho?!"
  2. Luke Bryan says, "Be careful boy! Don't get too cute..."

We watch the next round to see where Logan goes but I think it's all the way up! There is one very scary part of this ride he's on. Logan is a recovering addict and the entertainment business is filled with terrible temptations. I'm hoping that his amazing mom can keep a hold on all the outside noise.

Good luck Logan!


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