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It's pretty much in the books that I'm not leaving Boise unless I win this $750,000,000 Powerball this week. I'm afraid I would just stay and build up the city if even THAT happened. Oh, I would definitely rebuild a pimp studio for Kat and myself with assistants and we can get to that later.

I tell you this because I never watch American Idol and hasn't that show been done with for years? I gave it shot with the new judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie last season and that's when I came across our very own Maddie Zahm. I tuned in this year and was introduced to Logan Johnson. How am I watching this again? It's that Treasure Valley love baby!

You can see the back story in my previous blog regarding Logan but even that just moved to the next level. Logan came out this week and nailed 3 separate performances that moved him through the solo, group, and final auditions out of Hollywood. Logan just got ✅for the next round in Hawaii. The judges love him and his story is too great to ignore at barely 21.

This performance put him through helped punch his ticket into the next round.

I think we can all relate to Logan right? His mom mentions how great it is to see their dad smile again and you see Logan stop for a moment as he speaks about it. The emotions of making your family proud never goes away. I'm not sure why. I don't care how old you get for some reason there's always something that comes over you when you make your family proud. Sometimes you just need to hear it. I tear up when he sheds a tear because I can feel that pain even though I've never dealt with drug addiction, I've seen it almost destroy families.

Boise is too great not to champion this family and share their experience. This great state is growing out of control and these moments will continue to fade. Sooner than later stories like this won't be as big of news. Let's grasp on to this family and send some positive likes their way because I feel like they could use it.

Good luck Logan! We'll see you in Hawaii 🌺

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