It has been a total roller coaster and now, the first of two trials concerning "the Vallow parents" is approaching.

Accused of killing her son JJ and her daughter Tylee, Lori Vallow will begin trial here in Boise, Idaho on April 3rd.  Just days ago, the news broke that prosecutors will not be seeking the death penalty in this case--so, Vallow is facing life in prison should she be found guilty.

Upon her arrival to Boise, many were anxious to see "the action". To be honest, there really wasn't much. However as any true crime junkie might enjoy, she did get booked into the Ada County Jail and she does have a new mugshot.


When the trial begins, expect a lot of new details to emerge from the prosecution's evidence. This case is already so complicated, many can't even comprehend the years of crime and mystery that surrounds this family. Brace yourselves, Idaho.


See Lori Vallow's booking information, below: 

Credit: Ada County Jail
Credit: Ada County Jail

We will continue to keep you updated as the trial begins and progresses--expect a lot of national attention on Idaho and media presence in Boise during this time.

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