The cash shocked the State of Idaho and our nation--frankly, the globe. Now, as of this afternoon, a jury has announced a verdict.

From the Ada County Courthouse over the last several weeks, Lori Vallow has been facing charges of:

  • First Degree Murder (Son, JJ)
  • First Degree Murder (Daughter, Tylee)
  • Grand Theft
  • Felony Conspiracy (in the death of JJ)
  • Felony Conspiracy (in the death of Tylee)
  • Felony Conspiracy (in the death of her husband, Chad Daybell's ex-wife, Tammy)

Many crime experts and viewers felt that for the following reasons, Vallow could have been found not-guilty:

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After today's announcement we know that the prosecution provided enough evidence to prove guilt. 

Lori Vallow has been found guilty of all charges.

It is also important to note that court hearings for Vallow in the State of Arizona, for conspiracy to commit murder in connection with her previous husband, Charles Vallow, have been on hold while the Idaho hearing has taken place.

Judge Boyce, who has been hearing this trial, shared at the end of the verdict hearing that he expects at least a three-month preparation for sentencing. At that time, the public, and Lori Vallow, will learn how many years (or expectedly, how many life sentences) will be served in prison by Vallow, as the death penalty was removed from the table before this trial began.

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