Pictured above is one of the biggest moments in Boise State athletics' recent history. After an intense battle on the court, Boise State defeated San Diego State at home for the regular season conference title and the court was STORMED!

Let's not forget--this would be the last time that San Diego State took a loss before making it to the National Championship Game! 

Lucky for us here in the Treasure Valley and especially sports fans: Boise State offers a whole lot of great games no matter the sport!

Before every sporting event is the National Anthem--and that's where local singers and musicians come in!  Looking for a chance to honor our nation, be a part of Bronco athletics, and show off your mad skills? The university wants to hear from you, as a new season of sports is coming up and they're going to be looking for talent to sing the National Anthem before sporting events!

As Boise State outlines on their submission form--there are perks to singing, too!

Solo singers, duets, choirs, singing groups, or musicians playing an instrument are all welcome to perform. National Anthem singers will receive free admission for events they perform at, including free admission for up to three guests. Each member of a National Anthem group will receive free admission, while friends and family of the group can purchase tickets at a reduced rate.

Want to submit yourself, click HERE

Just think, you could be singing at one of the Boise State football games this fall--and the team is expected to WIN the Mountain West Conference! 

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