You don't realize the impact of taking someone's freedom until you actually take someone's freedom.

That's one of many thoughts I'm left with after my first bounty hunt.

When Jackie, one of the owners of Double Trouble Bail Bonds asked if either Keke or I would like to join them on a bounty hunt, I raised my hand so fast; my shoulder almost popped out of my socket. Instantly, the theme song of Dog The Bounty Hunter, repeated in my head while I daydreamed about crazy chases followed by life changing " You need to follow Christ bro" conversations with criminals, trying to make them choose a different path. That excitement only increased when I was told I would need handcuffs, taser, and a badge.

For perspective, I play Justin Bieber for a living. I love radio, but this was an opportunity to get out of the KISS FM building and do something I've never done before.

When the "hunt" day came, I woke up like a kid on Christmas. I didn't know what to expect. I watched a few YouTube videos, but besides that, I wanted to let the day unfold and live the full experience as realistic as possible.

I arrived at the Double Trouble office early (first time for everything). It was very clean, very professional. I don't know why but for some reason I expected it to be more prison-like. Jackie, who I had met outside started explaining to me some of the people who we would be going after and why. I think that was the moment the fantasy of bounty hunting started turning into reality. We were going after people who were involved in the criminal justice system. We were going to take away their freedom, ruin their day. They may not be too happy about that. This was real.

I'll bring up this point many times during this story, but these people have brought this on themselves. From my understanding, they agreed and promised to show up for court and handle their responsibilities. They haven't. The people we were going after had gone "ghost" on Double Trouble and hadn't communicated with them. Double Trouble would be financially on the hook for their bad choices, thousands of dollars. They needed to be found. They needed to be brought in.

Before long it was time to suit up. Law required we carry Bail Enforcement Badges. I was also given handcuffs and a taser. This was bad-ass. The taser had a laser and shot out electric darts up to 15 feet. It could also double as a flashlight and had a close-range setting.


After an in-depth tutorial, we were off. Alicia (another bounty hunter) joined up and drove. Side note, these women are as strong as they come. I won't get into their personal struggles, but I have so much respect for where they have been and where they are at today.

Our target was in Nampa. He had been arrested for drug possession and didn't show up to court. Again, Double Trouble would have been financially responsible for his bad choices; they had tried to contact him many times with no success, he had to be brought in. We drove past the property of the co-signer and saw his girlfriends car as well as a vehicle we spotted on his Facebook page; there was a good chance he was on that property.

When our car turned onto the property, I felt an instant hit of adrenaline. The team had previously discussed our plan before we parked. Alicia was to knock on the main door of the house and talk to whoever was inside, search the property if necessary. Jackie had a feeling he was in an old trailer parked about 15 yards in front of the house. We were to search that. As we approached, time started to move slowly. I could feel my heart beating through my chest. My hands were shaking and I was oddly aware of every sound around me. I could hear the chickens on the property scurrying away from us, dry leaves cracking under our feet and birds chirping in the trees. I was walking up to a trailer, taser in hand ready to react if necessary, not knowing what was on the other side, not knowing what was about to go down.

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