Hi, I’m Lucky! And I love beer. Beer is the most magic of magical drinks in the world and when you really take a second to look at it, it’s the most beautiful as well. Beer comes in many vibrant beautiful colors, gorgeous black, dark browns, reds to ambers. Captivating tastes from the “very hoppy” to unbelievably fruity and sweet. And every creative brew someone can think of. “The more you drink the better I look!”  Nobody has ever said that about drinking coffee.

Below are my top favorite craft beer locations in Boise.

  • 1

    10 Barrel Brewing Co

    When it comes to great food and even greater beer, 10 Barrel is fantastic. Located in downtown Boise, yet conveniently surrounded by parking, this is a local hot spot for good reason. Stop by for their fantastic burgers and make sure to wash it down with one of their flagship beverages!

  • 2

    Powderhaus Brewing Company

    Any location that mixes adult proms and other special events with booze, I'm in. Powderhaus is located directly off Chinden and has one of the most impressive lounge areas I've ever seen. Plan to stop by when you have plenty of free time, as this is a place where you get comfy and get ready to drink quite a bit. For research of course.

  • 3

    Cloud 9 Brewery

    Cloud 9 is on the smaller side, but don't let their size fool you! This location which is situated directly off State Street, packs fantastic flavors, affordable pricing, and provides fantastic company! Did I mention they're dog friendly!?!



  • 4

    Payette Brewing

    Payette Brewing is the ultimate brewery here in Boise. From a spacious and well-designed tasting room, to their fantastic outdoor beer garden complete with hammocks and corn hole, you can't go wrong with a day at Payette. For those that love easy parking and laid back vibes, Payette is the place to be!

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