Last night was certainly not a quiet night for Boise as the 1975 took over the Extra Mile Arena at Boise State University. It was a night full of laughter, crying, and excitement as Matty Healy and the band sang their hearts out for the city. The arena was packed full of excited fans ready to see their favorite band make their return to Boise.

The 1975 In Boise

A look into the crazy concert.

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

The show was nothing short of spectacular as there was a surprise at every turn. The stage was set up as a house which the band took full advantage of using with Healy even climbing up on the roof at one point. Not to mention the couches, at least a dozen televisions, and working blinds, the setup was nothing less than extraordinary.

On top of the crazy stage set up the performance itself was just as exciting. The band played all of their best songs from their newest and oldest albums and kept the crowd on their toes the entire time. They also had a B-Stage at the back of general admission that they took full advantage of. At the very end of the show Healy even jumped off the stage and into the seated section of the crowd before hugging as many people as he could.

Fans in the whole arena were overjoyed at the performance but it was obvious that they enjoyed Boise just as much. At one point in the set Healy gave a fun talk poking fun at the fashion seen in the venue and throughout Idaho. While they weren’t in the state very long you could tell he caught on fast to the Carhartt jackets that everyone wears this time of year. Watch the video for yourself:


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