It's fair to say that COVID-19 and the global pandemic have changed a lot of things that we knew and loved before 2020--even here in the Treasure Valley.  There as certainly a down side as businesses and concerts came to a close--some never returning.

How about the upside? We'll be honest and admit the list is not very long. One of the greatest things that happened in Boise due to COVID-19? The closing of 8th Street between Idaho and Bannock.

Take a look at just how different downtown Boise's beloved 8th street has evolved over the years!

Downtown Boise's Booming 8th Street Over The Years

Business and street updates have had this popular street in downtown Boise changing over the years!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

We have to say, a closed down 8th street has really improved the experience! 

You may notice in the photos that after 2020, 8th Street in downtown Boise was closed to car traffic. Bright orange construction barriers remind drivers that they can no longer turn down there.  Today, they're painted by local artists to add some culture to the "construction-looking eye sore".

The trend began in order to allow patios to expand into the street in the City of Boise. Restaurants needed to get back to in-person and socially distanced dining in order to survive and city officials made that major accommodation.

It didn't take long for people to say: we love this.

While patios are no longer expanded into the street, the street has remained closed and 8th has really become a gathering spot for people headed to and from dinner or nightlife.

Those orange barriers? They're coming down.

No, the street won't be open again--the city is committing to placing permanent barriers there to keep 8th Street the way that people have grown to love it!

Gutters, sidewalks, curbs, new crosswalks, and these permanent (and more appealing) barriers are all a part of the project going on downtown Boise right now!

Learn more about the project, HERE.

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