When there's a celebrity sighting in Idaho--especially here in Boise--it doesn't take long for the internet to break. That's exactly what began happening this afternoon--when a local Facebook group began reporting that a country superstar is casually wandering around Boise.

Here's a look at how Boise is reacting! 

Dierks Bentley Takes To The Streets of Boise

If there's one thing Boise loves, it's country music! We have reports flying in that Dierks is on the streets of Boise, Idaho!

Have you seen him around town!? We want to see your selfies! 

Dierks Bentley is far from the only celebrity to be hanging out in the Treasure Valley by the way. Just months ago, we spotted Tove Lo hanging out at a local coffee shop and shortly after that visit, we saw Mark Wahlberg running all over the town!

It makes total sense that Dierks Bentely would be wandering around town this week--his tour is set to be in Nampa at the Ford Idaho Center on Thursday, August 10th. Tickets are still available, by the way!

What's up with the celebrity invasion? Well, Hollywood is no stranger to Idaho. For years, Holywood's elite have taken refuge in some of the most remote and luxurious areas around the State of Idaho. Now, they're discovering that Boise is pretty special too--even if it is the "big city" here in Idaho!

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