For the last several years, March Madness was just another sporting event in the Treasure Valley. Offices create bracket challenges, lovers of basketball take their online brackets far too seriously, and frankly, basketball is just in the air!

Lots of noise has been made on the campus at Boise State in the last 2 seasons however-- last year, the team made it to "the big dance" and this year, they are right on track to do it all over again!

Let's take a look at the man that is leading Boise State men's basketball to all new heights! 

Boise State's Most Underappreciated Star

Boise State seems to mean "football" for most, right? On a national stage, after all, it's the blue turf and the success that the Broncos have had on it that made the university a household name. What happens on the hardwood, however, is far from appreciated at the level that it should be. Leon Rice came to Boise State as a blessing from one of the most powerful basketball programs in the nation: Gonzaga University. Now, the winningest basketball coach in the history of the school seems to take immediate heat if the Broncos aren't in the Final Four. Spoiled by wins on the football field, fans seem to expect the same of the basketball program but when the investment in basketball is so much less than football--can you really have these types of expectations!?

We love head coach Leon Rice! 

So what are the experts predicting for March? Well, folks at Fox Sports put together their latest Bracketology list and not only is Boise State in the big dance at a 10-seed (two lower than last year) but they're slated to play one of the largest basketball powerhouses in the nation: Duke.



These forecasts change almost DAILY--but Boise State vs. Duke? There's a match we certainly never expected to see.

The Boise State basketball team has a few home games left this season--you definitely need to check out a game (tickets are affordable) if you want to get the family out or just love watching basketball.

We can't wait to see where the Broncos end up!

5 Things Boise State Basketball Needs Now

The Boise State men's basketball team under the leadership of Leon Rice has been on fire. You really can't complain about 14 wins in-a-row, even if some of them were a little scrappy. So out of all of the energy and momentum being built behind this basketball team--which one could argue, is greater than anything that the football team earned this year--what can be improved?
The Broncos have the's what they need at home.

This Former Nampa Basketball Star is ESPN's Darling

It's not often that you see Sports Center re-run a single play as often as they did last night. The good folks at ESPN could not get enough of the dominating performance by one particular Texas Tech player who left it all on the court. His team defeated Baylor-- the defending National Champion and the only remaining undefeated team in the country this season.
Plot twist, this player has some serious Idaho ties-- with NO offers out of High School, Adonis Arms played in Nampa at Northwest Nazarene University where he gained the skill set and the reputation to make his way up to the big time stage.


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