My favorite "day" is coming up on Sunday.  I have never KNOWINGLY celebrated it, but perhaps I should this year.

You know those calendars that list off all sorts of random "holidays?"   Like Mac and Cheese week? Or International Sloppy Joe Day?  I'm not sure how legit those actually are, but Sunday is listed, on several websites, as National Let's Laugh Day....this is something I can get behind.

I have a pretty obnoxious laugh and I always have.  If you get my grandfather and I laughing at the same time--which isn't hard to do, we have the exact same cackle. Maybe it runs in the family.  Growing up, my laugh was a nightmare for any school teacher. I went to St. Paul's School in Nampa as a kid, preschool through 8th grade.  I can't tell you how many times I was asked to sit in the hall for laughing...often times laughing at the wrong times.  Classmates would try to get me going knowing I would't be able to stop.

Fast forward several years and now I'm asked, as a grown adult, to quiet down in the office at work every now and then!!

Well, Sunday isn't a workday so I'll be SOMEWHERE in the treasure valley laughing for National Let's Laugh Day.  Even though I laugh at everything, there are always TV shows like Seinfeld, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and The Office.  That's probably how I'll be spending my National Let's Laugh Day.

In honor of this magical day, comment below-- what makes YOU laugh??


Happy Let's Laugh Day, or...weekend!

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