I watched the Gonzaga Bulldogs get beat down by Saint Mary's in a stunning defeat Tuesday night. This loss ended the nation's longest winning streak by the Bulldogs. What does this mean? You could win $1,000,000 by playing our bracket challenge by choosing the right teams.

March Madness is back and we're giving you a chance to take home $1,000,000 by filling out the perfect bracket or $10,000 with 60 or more correct predictions. Don't sleep on free money.

Most people would have chosen Gonzaga to win last night and there would of been broken brackets around the net. If you had chosen the other team, you would still be in the running. It's bracketology! That's you below getting your new car with all the money you win 🚘

An attractive woman in a car holds a car key in her hand
Getty Images/iStockphoto

There are a few things to win and bracket ballots will be going out soon. This doesn't cost anything to play and it's really just the luck of the pick because no prediction is a perfect one. Compete with everyone in the office, work in teams, split the cash and become a millionaire overnight. If you get 60 or more game predictions right you take home $10,000 dollars!

Good luck!

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