This story from just over the Idaho state line is seriously one of the craziest crimes we've ever heard of. Buckle up.

Warning: Graphic Details

On Sunday, a man covered in blood walked into a grocery store in Estacada, Oregon carrying a human head and a knife. He then proceeded to stab a store employee. All of this comes to us from the Clackamas Country Sheriff's Department.

Later, the suspect, 39-year-old Joshua Lee Web, was arrested for killing his 59-year-old mother. One of Larry's neighbors reported witnessing the after effects of the murder:

I was watching the basketball game and I heard all these sirens go by. So I opened up the window and I seen all these cops flying in and all the ambulances. I seen one person get carried out on a stretcher.

Clackamas County Sheriffs have not revealed who the severed head belonged to. They also report that the stabbing victim is expected to survive.


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