What kind of person steals a 10-year-old boy’s lemonade stand?

David Hove had been selling scones and lemonade at his sidewalk stand for hours and needed a bathroom break. When he left his station for few minutes to relieve himself, an adult man pulled up, got out of his car and swiped the entire stand.

When Hove returned, he was shocked to see that his cooler, folding table and supplies had vanished. The only piece of his business that remained was a handwritten sign that read: “Homemade Lemon Cranberry Scones.”

Thankfully, Hove was smart enough to take his money box with him when he left his post.

After the theft, Hove’s father began reaching out to neighbors to try to identify the mystery thief, but his mission was short-lived. Nobody saw the theft take place or had any leads to share.

So, instead of calling the police, Hove's father released surveillance footage of the sidewalk crime to local news stations in hopes of identifying the perpetrator.

So far, they are still on the hunt. However, the family has received hundreds of encouraging messages from strangers and support from neighbors.

The lemonade and scone stand was a joint business venture between the pre-teen and his 15-year-old sister, Kimberly.

Hove was responsible for manning the baked goods, handling customer service and balancing their revenue, while his sister was head of recipe development and baking.

Together they hoped to earn enough money so that Hove could purchase an Xbox, while his sister wanted a new cellphone.

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