This is a pretty scary incident happened in Nampa just last weekend and serves as a sobering reminder to us all: be vigilant when you're out late at night.

A Nampa woman, after a night out, requested an Uber ride home in an effort to be responsible after being at a bar.  What she didn't expect was for someone to be outside of the bar POSING as an Uber driver.  When the man told her he was her driver, she got in the vehicle and it wasn't until they were a few miles down the road that she began to feel that something wasn't right. He didn't have the Uber drive app up, he didn't know where she needed to go--it became obvious: this guy wasn't actually her ride.

After getting her to her home, he tried to get payment from her "outside of the app"-- she explained that didn't make sense and the fake driver claimed that this ride could be free. While she made it home safe--she has no idea what this mans intentions were.

Nampa Police and Uber both remind users of the app after this incident that Uber will always provide you with info on the driver (typically includes a photo) and the car coming for you (this always includes the license plate).  If this info doesn't match--don't get in the car.

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