It's every runner's worst nightmare, being attacked while just trying to get a little exercise. It happened to this Boise woman and now police need your help in finding her attacker. 

The unidentified woman was grabbed behind by the neck as she was jogging near W. Brogan Dr. between S. Seabreeze Way and S. Elinor Rose Avenue on November 30, 2018, according to the Ada County Sheriffs Office.

The woman says she fought her attacker until she fell to the ground and lost consciousness as he continued to choke her.

The video below was captured at 6:39 a.m. on the same day as the woman's attack and within half a mile of where she was running and he's wearing the same clothes as she described.

So take a good look. Do you know this man?

According to, police have interviewed dozens of people but haven't been able to make an arrest in the case yet. Keep in mind that the man's age, ethnicity, hair, and skin color are not known, which obviously makes it tough to catch the guy.

If you know anything please contact detective Shellie Strolberg at 208-577-3788 or e-mail

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